Thomas' BBC stuff

This will eventually evolve into a website about my BBC Micro's etc.

For now, all that's here is a tool I wrote to create DFS disk images from the command line, and some pictures of my Master 128 Flash/EPROM adapter.


Current version: 1.00

This command line tool (for Windows and Linux) allows you to create a DFS image from files on your PC. It is very easy to use, in the simplest case you just type "mkdfs" followed by the name of the PC files you want included in your disk image. But it has many options and allows you to completely customize the image if you wish.

When you have created the image you can write it to a floppy using OmniFlop, which is available here.

You can download MKDFS 1.00 below:
Windows executable mkdfs.exe (15KB)
Source code mkdfs.c (13KB)
License GNU GPL v2

To compile on Linux/Unix systems, just type make mkdfs.

Here is the help for mkdfs:

MKDFS version 1.00 by Thomas Horsten 
Usage: mkdfs [OPTION|FILE]...
Create an Acorn DFS disk image (single sided or interleaved double-sided).

Options that affect the overall operation of the program:
  -c          Displays copyright and about notice
  -h          Displays this help text
  -o FNAME    Specifies output filename - default: image.ssd/image.dsd
  -t NUMBER   Select number of tracks (35/40/80) - default 80
  -x 0|1      Expand image to physical disc size (ie. 200k/400k) - default 1

Options that affect the files added after that option (these can be repeated
as many times as necessary):
  -b NUMBER   Boot option (can be specified once per side) - default 0
  -d LETTER   Specifies directory (default '$')
  -l NUMBER   Specifies load address (default 0x1900)
  -L 0|1      1 means files are "locked" (write protected) - default 0
  -r NUMBER   Specifies run address (default 0x1900)
  -s          Switches to the second side of the disk (implies 2-sided image)
  -T STRING   Specifies disk title (can be specified once per side)
              Default: MKDFSImage1 / MKDFSImage2

Numbers may be prefixed with "0x" if they are in hex, e.g. "0x1900"
Filenames will be translated to DFS format when possible. To manually specify
the DFS filename, use "sourcefilename|dfsfilename" - e.g. "Readme.txt|README".

Example: mkdfs -o Disk1.ssd -T MyDisk "file1.bas|MYPRG" file2 -s -T Side2 file3

EPROM/Flash adapter for Master 128

With this adapter, a standard 32-pin 128k*8 EPROM or Flash chip can be used instead of the 28-pin megabit MOS ROM in the BBC Master 128.

For now, here's a couple of pictures of the prototype, a full description will follow later..